What is the influence of Idealism in Philippine education today?


In times like these, prayer is what we need.

Personally, I was a product of Catholic schools all throughout. Raised in a Catholic environment (family, school, neighbourhood), I was so used to Idealism principles. I’ve seen that Idealism largely affects/ influences Philippine education. Some of the reasons may be due to the fact that

  • There are more Catholics and Christians in our country.
  • Many of us are greatly moved by our own religion.
  •  We, ourselves seek to live lives that are morally excellent.

Perhaps there may be other reasons behind the great influences of Idealism but I suppose that it is mainly due to our FAITH and unwavering belief in the Supernatural/ GOD.

For me, it’s great that Idealism massively influences Philippine education. Since Idealism is basically about the reality that lies in the spiritual realm and in the unfolding universal source, people who tend to lean to its’ principles become good embodiments of the society. I’m NOT saying that ALL who rest on Idealism principles are good, but, since Idealism cultivates morally excellent persons who acted according to reason, then, it’s fair enough to say that their principles are rather good and for the betterment of the society especially to the various individuals in it.

In some schools guided by spiritual/ religious norms, Idealism may be viewed as a gauge to:

  • Help the students to be in line with their Supernatural destiny.
  • Effect individuals in conformity with the norm of morality.
  • Bring about students/ individuals who can be great citizens in their future life.
  • Raise morally excellent individuals in who acted according to reason.
  •  Awaken the individual’s innate talents, gifts, mission and spiritual essence.
  • Make the individual realize that there is a GOD. That he/ she should live, act and reason according to God’s will, for God and for the betterment of others.

I noticed that schools that were influenced by Idealism are schools who injected religion/ spiritual beliefs in the school curriculum and program. Some of the spiritual involvements were: Prayers were inserted (in our case, we have the Angelus, novena to St. Michael, prayer at the start of the class, etc.), Recollections and retreats annually for self-reflection and spiritual rejuvenation, First Friday mass, Baccalaureate mass before graduation, Grading in the good moral and right conduct, huge weight on the student’s conduct, etc.

Then again, I can see that Idealism is something that we cannot do without. Its’ influences are of great importance to our students and personally to us teachers as well as it serves as a benchmark for us to draw the line between the temporal-physical world reality and the universal-spiritual realm reality.

Idealism helps us return to (or sometimes bring us back to) our sanity and aids us to reflect on what makes us human beings. Idealism’s influences make us realize our real and true essence.


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