The BIG Question: An Ateneo ED 203 Foundations of Education Project

Unleash the blogger in me!


This is an Ateneo ED 203 Foundations of Education digital portfolio project. I would like to thank ma’am Rita Atienza for giving me the chance to make my own blog and be philosophical on my career as an educator.

This is my first time to actually do written blogs so please bear with me. Be nice.🙂

I will be working on one question about education that I would reflect on in connection to the different “isms” discussed in class. This certain question should be something that I have pondered on philosophically in my life as a teacher. I have LOTS of questions and honestly, it actually took me more than a week  to finalize my question. I even asked around to help myself out a bit.🙂

Now, as for the things that keep me busy, I am a math teacher, a tutor, a stockbroker and an entrepreneur (yeah, yeah, I know that they’re way entirely different from each other)People often get surprised and confused with the things that I REALLY do. Some even wonder why in the world am I  in education since my career as a stock trader is way different from teaching. But heck, I love my jobs and I can perfectly juggle them.🙂 As long as you love what you’re doing and it makes you happy, go with it.🙂


How do we effectively motivate students? 

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