Sharing: Excerpt from “Motivating Students to Learn”

Before I start off, I would like to add this short statement I read from the Learning Links pdf file entitled “Motivating Students to Learn”.

This is a very beautiful and profound article that helped me widen my grasp on the issue of student motivation. I pasted my favorite excerpt from the article. Here goes..

“A motivated student is one who has the energy and drive to learn, work effectively and achieve at school. Motivation plays a key role in a student’s interest, engagement and enjoyment in school and associated tasks such as homework and study. Motivation also underpins a student’s achievement. As they move through their school years, very few students can succeed on sheer talent alone. SUCCESS ALSO TAKES DRIVE AND COMMITMENT.

 When students are motivated they tend to get better marks at school, work more effectively on difficult schoolwork, make the most of their abilities, behave well and enjoy school.

 On the other hand, if a student is not motivated to learn, they may become disruptive, apply minimal effort and as a result are more likely to perform poorly. In more extreme cases a lack of interest and achievement may lead to truancy and dropping out of school. Moreover, the journey through school may not be a particularly happy one”.

 That is just a short cut on the article I read. But then, it made me realize that huge pressure is weighted on the teacher. The real question to us educators is: How can we really effectively achieve the said motivated attitudes on our students? What are the key measures that we must consider?


Cramming – Surefire sign of a lack of motivation.


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