How do we effectively motivate students?


So how do we motivate our students? 

This is I think every teacher’s dilemma. I am a math teacher so when I came across this peanuts picture, my paranoia arose again and I came to realize that maybe some of my students have done this already. 😀 (Remembering that I have done this before in my school days as well. haha.) 

Quoting Linus from the picture: “I’m always interested in anything that will cloud the issue!”

Isn’t that somewhat a pinch to any teacher’s heart? We teachers want our students to always be motivated in class. That we always hope all of them will be like those few students who recites oh-so-often, who finishes their works diligently and who gives us their 100% cooperation and attention.

But then, reality bites isn’t it? Year by year we struggle to make our students pay more close attention to us. But still there are some students who give us blank expressions and not-so-good results. How do we address this issue? Is there a concrete method that educators must follow to effectively sort this concern? if yes, what is it? What must be done?

Some of the major factors (I think) are the student’s personal life situation and the student’s lack of self-motivation.

In connection to the first factor, from what I’ve observed, most students who experience problems in the family, love life, society, neighbourhood (bullying, poverty), etc. are most likely the ones who tend to slip in class. Though I’m not saying that all children who face personal difficulties show problems in their academics and moral values because there are some who still excel and show good values despite the difficulties experienced. I think only 30% are those who can really handle things well. But what about the remaining 70% of those students who can’t pull themselves together in the midst of problems? What must the school do? What must the teacher do? How can educators draw the line between toughness and gentleness on problematic students?

Now, for the second factor, the problem may be bounded on the student’s lack of self-motivation. If we will look closely, isn’t it still curable? I think this second factor boils down to the teacher per se. I know it’s hard on the side of the teacher and it’s tough to put the pressure on the educator but if we will literally put our thinking caps on, it’s solely the teacher’s challenge. Parents have to play the major part of the responsibility but since the child spends half of the day in school (and is spent with the teacher as well), it really goes down to us educators. Now, HOW CAN WE EFFECTIVELY MOTIVATE OUR STUDENTS TO LEARN?

You see, that’s our major concern.


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