Paradise: Apo Reef Island

Apo Reef Island, Occidental Mindoro

One of the BEST untouched islands we’ve ever seen. The marine life is so rich that this island is the only place in the country where I’ve seen many “pawikans” (sea turtles). They have a lagoon that serves as a breeding place for sharks, mangroves that are rich in crabs and other marine life, and their shoreline is full of life that it is still filled with different creatures like sea urchins, crabs, leeches and such. It’s like being LITERALLY very close to nature and its wonders.

It was so virgin that the island has no electricity, no cellphone signal, no fresh water for drinking, cooking and bathing and no hotels. You would have to camp out in a tent and bring your own water, food and things to last you a few days (or overnight) stay.