DIY Kindle Case Out of a Vintage Hardbound Book

My 3rd DIY Kindle case! Made this out of a vintage hardbound book. I got the idea from a cool guy I found in Youtube. Great guy. 🙂



Since I just super love DIY projects and since my 2nd case got a little dirty because of the interior’s light color (pink), I decided to make a new one using a black interior. I really like this new one because of the book’s grungy and vintage-y look. It’s been literally around since 1968! Isn’t that cool?

What you need (from left to right):

1. An old hardbound book

2. Old/ used shopping / eco-bag (or any other cloth)

3. Ruler

4. Garter

5. Any sharp object with a pointed tip (for making small holes. On this, I used the one used for pricking on facials)

6. Scissors

7. Glue (I couldn’t find my glue gun so I used epoxy here but it doesn’t stick that well so I also used tape for added hold).

8. Chalk (for making marks)

9. Needle and thread

10. Cardboard (you can use an old cardboard – cereal box, old notebook cover, etc.)

Now, let’s go to the fun part. 🙂

Step 1:

Remove the book content just so that the hardbound cover will be fully detached.




Step 2:

Get your cardboard then make sure to make the 2 card boards the same size as the 2 flaps of your book.



Step 3:

Get your shopping/ eco bag and cut 2 squares for the card boards. Make sure to make the eco-bag bigger than your card boards because you still need to fold this later.

You may use any other cloth in replacement of the eco bag. 


Step 4:

Fold and tape the eco-bag on the card boards. Since my epoxy doesn’t hold that much, I taped the sides too for added hold and support.


Step 5: 

Now for the middle part / spine, cut a vertical strip.


Fold the top and bottom of the strip and fit it perfectly on your book. Again, after putting epoxy, I taped the sides to make it stick more.



Step 6:

Get one of your card boards and fit your Kindle into it then start measuring and cutting your garters for the 4 corners.




The finished result should look like this (1st DIY case I made)


Step 7:

Make marks on the sides where holes will be made to let your garters pass through.




Step 8:

Make holes on your marks and let your garters pass through. Try to fit your Kindle into the garters first before sewing the excess garters at the back for you to be able to make sure that it won’t be too tight or too loose.




Step 9:

Sew the garters to secure them. It’s ok for thread marks to be seen on the front because it will be covered by your Kindle when using anyway.



I’m really not good at sewing, so as long as I feel that it already has a good hold, I’m ok with it. haha. 🙂


My eco-bag is black but unfortunately, I don’t have a black thread available so I used dark blue instead. 🙂 It’s better to use the same color as your eco-bag so it won’t be super visible. 🙂

Step 10:

The final part! 🙂 stick your 2 card boards onto the 2 flaps of your hardbound. Make sure to use a heavy-stick glue because you wouldn’t want your Kindle slipping through your case at any given time! It’s best to let the glue dry for 5-10 minutes or more. I even let mine dry for 30 minutes with heavy-weights on top of it for extreme hold.


and.. Congratulations! you’re done! 🙂 



Additional notes: When picking a hardcover book, you have to consider the thickness too. The thickness should perfectly fit your Kindle onto it considering that you still have card boards and cloths inside too. I learned this when I made my 2nd case. The hard bound book on my 2nd is a bit slimmer so it bulged a little bit. On this 3rd case, I made sure to pick a thicker one.


When picking a book, remember that it must not be too thick, not too slim.


Enjoy! I hope this helps. 🙂


Here are my first two DIY Kindle cases:

First DIY Kindle Case

The book here is quite bigger than the Kindle but I really liked the hardcover so I still pushed through with it.


Second DIY Kindle Case

I made this because I wanted a smaller hardbound book that will perfectly fit the Kindle so if there will be cases that I will use a smaller bag, I could easily fit my Kindle into it. The only problem I saw was the dirt. Dirt could easily be seen on the interior because of the light color so I decided to make my 3rd case black so dirt won’t be visible anymore.


One thing’s for sure, they’re all definitely super heavy-duty and unique! 🙂

Try this too on your Kindle, Ipad or any tablet! You get to design your own, the way you perfectly want it and you also get to save money! Isn’t it great? 🙂