1. Every day by David Levithan

– Probably one of the most bizarre love stories ever made. Looking into A’s perspective, it’s just so saddening that at the end and at the start of the day, you still get to be yourself but still NOT yourself at the same time. And you get to love someone but end up helpless because of the rough conditions beyond your reach. He knows that he can fix this, but he learned to let go of his love and his chance of being normal just so that the last guy he ended up with won’t be sacrificed at his own expense. A kind and giving act not everyone can deal with.

2. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

– A YA novel which deals primarily on young love coupled with hardships on family and personal identity and finding your true self through witnessing and resolving your troubled past in connection with the present. I am not so much a fan of cheesy love stories but I respected the unique twist and turnout of events in Sky’s past and present. If I were still a teenager, I would have given this 5 stars.

3. The Help by Kathryn Stockett

– – I’ve recently been inclined to stories patterned to real life instances. Racism is probably one of the most controversial issues we faced in the history of mankind and are somewhat still facing nowadays in some parts of the globe. Kathryn Stockett did a great job on this. Though I learned that this is her first novel, I’m quite impressed by her gift in producing a sensible story in the horrible cases of racism coupled with learning how to fight and on how to equally treat and love one another amidst the differences.

This is a truly touching story of the intriguing coexistence of two different races in Jackson, Mississippi. Colored people are treated poorly and are experiencing terrible injustice from the whites even with actions not regarded as punishable. It’s just so saddening that people are labeled and judged as “dirty”, “moronic”, “contagious” and “disgusting” JUST BECAUSE of their color or race. It’s very juvenile. While going through this book, I thought that if this really happened during the earlier times, then some white people who supported the racism rule before tend to be narrow-minded-hopeless people. It’s just so wrong for someone to discriminate, punish and judge colored people right away without them knowing these people. They never know, some colored people might be smarter than them or better yet, more good than them whites.

Lives of 3 persons are depicted in the novel. Aibileen – the smart, kind colored helper who first supported Skeeter in writing the book. Minny – The loud and outspoken colored help who is Aibileen’s bestfriend and who later on helped out on the novel. And Skeeter – the white writer who realized the narrowness in the white rules against the colored ones and decided to fight back to help the colored people voice out the horrible discrimination through coming up with a book which shows the different stories of the colored helpers in the hands of the whites – good and bad.

Not all whites were at all bad in the story but the rules against the colored overwhelms everyone that it becomes hard to fight – making the colored more weak in the hands of the society.

This would probably earn five stars for me and I recommend this to everyone for all people to learn and realize the importance of caring for one another and for treating each and every one equally with respect and love.

They came out with a movie based on this novel. I can’t wait to watch it! Watch the trailer on my next post! 🙂

4. Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

– I loved Sophie Kinsella ever since I started reading the Confessions of a Shopaholic and some of her stand-alone novels. Her wit and charm always makes her novels fun and light, making every girl relate to it in a funny kind of way.

Since I love all her novels, when Wedding Night came out, I just couldn’t resist getting myself my own copy. But then, it’s a bit of a disappointment for me. The story is shallow, cluttered and juvenile. I’m not judging the author here since I know she’s done a good job on all her other novels but this is a bit out of place compared to the other good novels she wrote.
But then, I guess even for the greatest writers out there, there will always be a few (or one) of their novels that would flop a bit but this doesn’t mean that the author should be judged. There will always be glitches no matter what along the way.
But even for disappointing cases like this, I would still read the upcoming novels of Sophie Kinsella, that’s for sure. 🙂


5. And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

–  Intertwined stories of people closely connected to each other for over 60 years are beautifully narrated in their own time. Several characters are touched into the stories, but my most favorite of all are Pari and Abdullah; siblings who were set apart when Pari was barely 4 years old and Abdullah at 10 years old I think. They were reunited after more than 55 years of separation through a touching ending.

Following the stories of the different lives from 1949 up until 2010, I caught myself in great awe of the events that unfolded especially at the ending where most of my anticipation lied.

6. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

– Finally. I found another book worthy of more than a thousand praises. Words alone are not enough to describe the beauty of this book.

This is definitely tied with Norwegian Wood to first place, bagging the most favorite book ever title.

Everything was beautiful.. faultless. I cried at the ending.

I despise you Hitler.


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