Neil Gaiman Overload

Neil Gaiman Overload 🙂 I am such a fan. Gaiman is a GENIUS.

Snow, Glass, Apples 

– Snow White told in an entirely different light, this blew me off completely. Odd, creepy and eccentric. Greatly written.

The Graveyard Book

– Creepy children’s book similar to Coraline, this tells a peculiar story of a normal boy named Bod, who grew up in a cemetery raised by resident ghosts up to his teenage years. Faced with dangers from his own “normal” kind, Bod would have to deal with the life he has inside the graveyard and the serious dangers awaiting him in the real world surrounding him.

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

– The end of the world is fast approaching.. and based on Agnes Nutter, Witch, it will end soon.. very soon.. specifically on a Saturday. 🙂 The forces of good and devil are intensifying. An specific angel and devil are in the lookout for the nearing Rapture and the so-called antichrist.. IF they ever locate it before the real end. 🙂

Funny and intelligently written, this definitely deserve a five star review. 🙂


– To finally attain Victoria’s hand in marriage, desperately love-struck Tristan who’s half fairy-half mortal goes into a wild journey to the “other world” to search for the fallen star. Together, the attractive-hot-tempered-woman star and Tristan embarks on a magical and crazy journey back to Tristan’s real world not realizing that a strong-special bond is starting to form between them.

Magical and outrageously weird, Stardust made me love Neil Gaiman more. 🙂

Smoke and Mirrors and M is for Magic

– Compilation of peculiar short stories told in the typical “Neil Gaiman” style, these two are the same as that of Fragile Things.

I love it.


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